Air Jordan 1 Flyknit

Words and Pictures By: Zoe Hellably

Air Jordan 1 Flyknit

Jack Lemkus very recently released the Air Jordan 1 Retro Flyknit in stores (and online) on Saturday 9th September.
What makes this so special?

Air Jordan 1 first came out back in 1985, and since then basketball footwear has evolved quite substantially. Now it comes with the all new Flyknit woven construction with leather details. Small details to look out for would also be “19852017” printed on the inner collar to honour the original release, and this recent launch.
Why Flyknit?

The Air Jordan 1 originally came with a leather upper, and although the overall silhouette is still the same, the flyknit changes the look and feel of the sneaker. Not only does it look super fly, but it also drops the weight of the shoe quite dramatically. It is not only soft and comfortable, it brings in more air and it is feather light, making it easier to maneuver on the basketball court.

What’s the cost?
Men: R2699
Grade School: R2099


Post Author: Zaid Osman